Glass Aroma Diffuser - 7 LED Colors - 100ml
Glass Aroma Diffuser - 7 LED Colors - 100ml
Glass Aroma Diffuser - 7 LED Colors - 100ml
Glass Aroma Diffuser - 7 LED Colors - 100ml
Glass Aroma Diffuser - 7 LED Colors - 100ml
Glass Aroma Diffuser - 7 LED Colors - 100ml
Glass Aroma Diffuser - 7 LED Colors - 100ml
Glass Aroma Diffuser - 7 LED Colors - 100ml

Glass Aroma Diffuser - 7 LED Colors - 100ml

SKU: 8719979423759

Glass Aroma Diffuser - 7 LED Colors - 100ml

SKU: 8719979423759
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This glass aroma diffuser from SensaHome spreads a relaxing and fresh scent throughout your home. The 7 different LED lights also provide a necessary atmosphere.
With just a few drops of fragrance oil in the water reservoir, you can enjoy this attractive humidifier from SensaHome for a few hours. The glass humidifier from SensaHome creates a calm feeling that ensures peace of mind for your mind. Enjoy your favorite essential oils and relax optimally with this low-noise fragrance diffuser from SensaHome. Besides the fact that it is intended to give your home a fresh and pleasant air, the glass aroma nebulizer is also a modern addition to your interior.

✔ Timer 0.5H/1H/2H/3H
< span>✔ LED lighting
✔ Low noise
✔ Automatic switch-off
✔ Suitable for large spaces

Effective aromatherapy
The evaporation of the delicious essential oils in a diffuser provides powerful aromatherapy in your living or working environment. The effect of the diffuser is relaxing, soothing and it also has strong healing properties. The strongest sense humans have is the sense of smell. When we come into contact with scents, a signal is immediately sent to our brain. In other words, our sense of smell is linked to our memory and emotions. Scents can therefore have a major influence on how we feel and the way we think. The different essential oils have different effects. For example, lavender has a calming and relaxing effect, eucalyptus helps with breathing and grapefruit ensures a positive and energetic mind. Don't forget that an aroma diffuser can provide better air quality and cooling.

Essential oils
Both essential oils and perfume oils can be used with the Aroma diffusers from SensaHome. We do recommend using 100% natural oils. Maintain the device properly to extend the life of the device. Do this by cleaning the aroma diffuser weekly.

How many drops of essential oil should be in an aroma diffuser?
For a mild scent, 5 is drops of essential oil per 100 ml of water are sufficient. This is what the average person does. If you don't like a very strong smell, feel free to use less oil. Then choose, for example, 3 drops per 100 ml. If you like a stronger scent, add a few extra drops. It is difficult to say how many drops of essential oil to use in the humidifier. You would have to find this out for yourself. If you use the aroma diffuser for children, 1 or 2 drops is sufficient.

One diffuser has 3 functions. The main function is of course to spread a wonderful aroma, but even without oils it functions as a humidifier. Finally, the diffuser can also be used as a night lamp, this is due to the LED lighting, which creates a cozy atmosphere. Moreover, the diffuser is compact, so you can easily take it with you to enjoy the powerful effects of aromatherapy anywhere. The diffuser is very compact, making it easy to move.

LED mood lighting
The diffuser is equipped with mood lighting. You can choose the color you want or have it alternate automatically. The lighting can also be turned off if you prefer no light while using the aroma diffuser. The LED lighting also works when the steam function is turned off, to function as a night lamp.

Product specifications
Brand: SensaHome
Material: Plastic/Glass< br>Color: Multi-color
Dimensions:< span>13.5 x 13.5 x 23 cm

Weight:1.2 KG
BPA-free: Yes
LED lighting: 7 colors
Water reservoir: 100ml

Contents packaging
1x Glass Aroma Diffuser
1x Power Cable
1x Instructions for Use

How to use
The aroma diffuser from SensaHome is very easy to use. Place the aroma diffuser in a place suitable for you, add a few drops of fragrance oil to the water reservoir and enjoy a long-lasting fresh scent throughout your entire home. Turn on the LED lighting for an atmospheric 3D effect.
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