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    11 products

    Pamper Your Pets with Buxibo Pet Products

    Welcome to Buxibo where you will find everything you need to keep your pets happy and healthy. Our selection includes wide range of products. One item is the rechargeable electronic collar for dogs. Waterproof and anti-bark. It comes with remote control. We also have a transparent drinking bowl for dogs and cats. There is also a swimming pool for children and pets. Additionally, an indoor dog toilet with artificial grass and tray and various brushes and clippers. Discover our carefully selected products that are both practical and stylish.

    Why Choose Our Pet Products?

    • High Quality: Our products are made from high-quality materials They are designed to last. Ensuring your pets get the best.
    • Innovative Designs: Each product in our selection is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Making it perfect for any interior.
    • User-Friendly: Our products are easy to use. Clean providing a hassle-free experience for both you and your pets.


    Is the rechargeable electronic collar safe for my dog?

    Yes. The collar is designed to be safe. It has multiple settings. This ensures your dog is trained in humane way.

    How often should I change water in the drinking bowl?

    It is recommended to refresh the water daily. This ensures your pet always has access. Fresh and clean water is essential.

    Can the swimming pool be used both indoors and outdoors

    Yes The pool is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This makes it versatile. It provides fun regardless of the location.

    How do I clean dog toilet with artificial grass?

    The dog toilet is easy to clean. Remove the artificial grass and rinse it with water. Clean the tray regularly. This prevents odors.

    Are brushes and clippers suitable for all coat types?

    Yes. Our brushes and clippers are designed to be effective on various coat types from short to long Everything in between is also covered.

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