Aroma Diffusers

14 products

    14 products

    Enjoy our exclusive aroma diffusers

    Enhance the ambiance of your space with Buxibo's aroma diffusers . Discover our range of premium diffusers, including the SensaHome ZEN300 aroma diffuser, which comes with three bottles of essential oils, and our Glass 3D aroma diffuser, doubling as a night lamp and humidifier with colorful LED lighting, and many more!

    Why choose our aroma diffusers:

    • Premium quality: Our aroma diffusers are crafted with premium materials to ensure durability and reliability, providing long-lasting aromatic experiences.
    • Multi-functional: Beyond just diffusing essential oils, our products serve multiple purposes, such as providing soft illumination as night lamps and maintaining optimal humidity levels in the air.
    • Soothing ambiance: Create a soothing ambiance in any room with our diffusers' colorful LED lighting options, adding a touch of tranquility to your space.


    Are the essential oils in your diffuser long-lasting?

    The essential oils can last up to several weeks, depending on usage frequency and settings. Additional oil refills are available for purchase.

    Can I utilize essential oils from other brands in your diffusers?

    Our diffusers are primarily designed for use with our own essential fragrance oils, but they are usually compatible with most standard fragrance essential oil brands. It's recommended to check the product description for compatibility information.

    Are the diffusers easy to clean?

    Yes, maintaining our diffusers is hassle-free. Simply follow the provided instructions for cleaning and maintenance, ensuring long-term functionality.

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